Kenwood Athletes Waiting and Hopeful for a Sports Season


KHS quarterback Jayden Glass ready to get back on the football field.

Jayden Glass

There was brief speculation earlier in the Fall about high school sports resuming before the end of 2020 but now as we’re down to the last few weeks of 2020 we’re still only allowed to participate in virtual conditioning.

Now Maryland athletes are left questioning the possibility of their beloved sports resuming in 2021. With the pandemic still around but talk of a vaccine arriving any day, student-athletes, coaches, and parents are wondering, can we hope for a sports season the second half of the school year?

Varsity head coach of the Kenwood football team Derrick Krumholtz is hopeful for some kind of athletic season this school year. MPSSAA released a current schedule with winter sports starting Dec 7, Fall sports beginning Feb 13, and Spring sports beginning April 17. But as Coach Ruocco shares we now know winter sports did not begin last week as hoped, “Winter sports did not begin because health metrics are above the threshold for keeping athletes and staff safe. When metrics are safe for 2 weeks the resumption of sports will be considered.”

Some find it frustrating that BCPS is taking so long to resume their athletics but Coach Krumholtz reminds us, “You have to consider that BCPS is the 3rd largest district in the state, and in the top 25 largest in the United States. There are so many different areas of Baltimore county, culturally, economically, and socially that it is an extremely difficult position to begin sports in a way that is equitable for all students.”

If student athletes do get to have a season this year, they will have a shorter amount of time than they’re used to having to prepare. “The main thing is for students to make sure they’re ready to go, because we’ll never know when we will officially get the greenlight. This includes making sure online registration forms are complete, making sure you have a current physical on file, and also doing your part to stay in shape. When this gets going, we aren’t going to have much time!” Coach Krumholtz reminds us.

In the meantime, close to 180 Fall and winter student athletes participated in the virtual conditioning. Coach Ruocco shares, “Virtual sports is a platform where coaches meet with their players periodically to cover the following principles of socio emotional well being, academic tracking, and physical conditioning.” Spring virtual sports officially starts today, December 14.

Things are changing by the day and though the start of the official season has been pushed back, the greenlight to start could come anytime and student athletes should be ready. Good things are to come hopefully in 2021 so, KHS athletes, stay healthy, stay focused in your classes, and be sure that you’re ready to go when we get the go ahead to return to the field.