SGA Offers Students Opportunity to Connect while Cleaning Up Campus


SGA sponsors a campus clean up for students to gather and clean up the campus

Nia Olukayode

Since March of this year, Covid-19 has had a big impact on the Kenwood High School community and families. Students have had limited, if any, opportunities to meet and see their teachers and peers in person. But Kenwood’s SGA offered an opportunity on Saturday Oct 24 for students and staff to meet up for the benefit of the school.

Though Covid-19 was still a concern, many students and staff took advantage of the opportunity to see one another and clean up their beloved Kenwood campus. Participants had to wear masks and social distance themselves from other people. Student participant Kelvin shared,  “It gave me that feeling of connection with my peers but we stayed distanced and had conversations. The campus clean up made us feel proud we can still  make a  difference and show our Kenwood Pride.”

Thanks to all that attended the Oct 24 campus clean up.

Though it may have looked different than anyone would have expected a year ago, many were still happy for the opportunity to see and connect with one another in person.Kenwood SGA advisor Ms. Forman shares, “We couldn’t do anything inside the building, but this was the next best thing. We were able to get together in person while doing something good for the school and community.” Some students say even though Covid-19 has really affected our sense of community when it comes to school they were thankful for an opportunity to “provide good community service and respect for our school.”

Several school organizations participated in the clean up day besides SGA. The student members of the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, and Kenwood Cares were also active participants in cleaning up the campus grounds. Senior Sarah O enjoyed the experience. “It’s important to keep our  community safe and clean and at the same time it allowed fellow students to engage which each other,” she stated.

Though the campus was cleaned up, the more lasting impression on students was the chance to reconnect and really see one another in person during a time when they haven’t seen each other for months.