Again and Again

Amiyah Spraggins, Sophomore

It was a Thursday night and I was home alone, as usual. It was about 2:05 AM. I was sitting in my room on my bed watching my favorite series, Hunter x Hunter, when I heard it. It was a piercing scream. It was so loud that it felt like someone was sticking a needle through my eardrum. The ringing in my ears started to ease after about 4 minutes.

I sat there. I sat at the edge of my bed staring in the direction the scream came from. My ears were still slightly ringing, but that was the least of my worries. At 2:12 AM, I turned towards the tv, but it was off. Did I turn it off? A chill ran down my spine. That wasn’t the only thing… I felt a breath.

The feeling of hot breath on my neck and a whisper “the scared ones taste the best.” I was in shock. I was overtaken with fear, I immediately jumped and ran in the closet. The area around me was too small. Nothing but a file cabinet to the left of me and a long shelf stacked with bags above me. It had only been eight minutes, but it had felt like an hour had passed. I sat there watching, waiting, staring at nothing but an empty space.

My breathing was heavy, but something was off. It had seemed as if I wasn’t only hearing my breathing. I did a full 360 turn around but no one else was there. Something inside me then said, “look up” and instantly threw my head back.

What I saw was beyond terrifying. This wasn’t a creature, it was worse. It was simply a “no name”. Circling around the mid-point of the head, where it looked as if an eye should be, were rows and rows of sharp, decaying teeth. Its long black burnt up hands was gripping the rails on the shelf, just waiting to pounce at me.

I was horrified! I didn’t have time to think; I ran. It was still there. I could still feel its breath, it whispered “run!” With every step, the creature repeatedly yelled… “RUN…RUN…RUN!!!” I looked back to see “No Name” crawling on all fours, the body looked burnt. Its decaying skin was leaving a trail of blood and flesh each time he took a step. I had been so scared I forgot the direction I was running in … the balancer. I came to a halt, but the force threw me off balance, propelling me over the edge. As I fell, I let out a scream so loud it snatched my soul out with it. I hit the ground, breaking my neck.

2:05 AM, sitting on my bed, watching my favorite series when I heard it, a piercing scream.