The Myths and Legends of Ghosts and Omens


A bad sign or just hanging out on this family’s roof here?

Emily Overby

Omens, spirits, ghosts. What if we saw them every day and don’t even know it? Signs of something coming or spirits lurking near us. There are superstitions from as far back as ancient times. In the spirit of Halloween let’s talk about some of those superstitions today?

Seeing Spirits

It is said that our pets can see spirits and ghosts here in the Human realm. Have you seen your dog staring off into space? Maybe he’s wondering about the spirit behind you. Is your cat hissing at nothing at all? Maybe its only nothing you can see. Maybe your cat is hissing to scare off a threat, one not visible to your eyes, but visible to theirs.

The Omen of the Crow

When a crow is knocking on your window a death in the household may be foretold, and seeing a singular crow is a bad omen. But crows don’t always mean death, it is also said that seeing two crows can be seen as a sign of good fortune coming your way. While four crows can mean wealth, five means sickness and six may mean death is near. Who knows what a whole flock means, but I would stray away if I were you.

Hounds of Hell

Can you whistle? If you can’t maybe that’s for the best. If you can and must whistle please only do so during the day. After midnight is when the hounds of hell leave the underworld and roam the earth. And just like your everyday puppy they come when you whistle, except they are much larger and much more aggressive. If you do, I cannot promise you’ll live to see the next dawn.

Flickering of Light

Have you ever installed a brand-new lightbulb and it started flickering not too much later? Some say spirits can make electricity do what they want when they want. So, next time a new bulb flickers think to yourself long and hard. Is it really just a faulty bulb or is a loved one from the other side visiting you?

Next time something seems strange, think about it instead of brushing it off. Who knows, maybe someone or something is trying to warn you or coming to get you. Whether or not these things are true I cannot testify to. While some of these were found on the vast world of the internet, others were ones remembered from somewhere or told to me by the mouths of others. Heed or ignore them, but don’t blame us for the strange things that happen if you choose to ignore.


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