TV Show Recommendations for your Quarantine


Journalism & Yearbook

Life in quarantine often leaves a lot of free time, especially on the weekends. People are often looking for new shows to watch during their down time so yearbook and journalism students are offering their favorite suggestions if you’re in search of some new shows to watch this weekend or the days ahead for your remaining time in quarantine.


Linda Neewary: I’d recommended The Heist. It’s a Netflix original show. Though it is a Spanish shouw you can change it to English. It’s about a gang who robs the bank of Spain and out smarts the government. The professor is the brain behind it all. I recommend this show to anyone who loves action and suspenseful shows.


Jermala Thomas: Ozark is a netflix tv show and it’s about a family that launders money for a Mexican drug cartel but when the laundering goes wrong the main character is force to pay off his debt to a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his family safe. And during all of this the fractured family is forced to reconnect. I recommend this show because everyone goes through so much adversity in the show that you can witness the characters’ characters change throughout the course of the seasons. I would also recommend this show if you like crime and thriller type shows.


Myasiah Bilola: A TV show I recommend watching is Shameless because it shows the struggles of a young woman growing up in poverty while trying to raise her five siblings.


Luvia Thomas: “Altered Carbon” is a show that I would recommend to anyone. It’s about this envoy-Takeshi-who gets imprisoned for about 250 years and gets stuck in time. When he is forced awake, he realizes that he’s been placed into someone else’s body and is told that if he wants his freedom, he must figure out who killed someone who lived 1000 years. The cast is amazing, it features Renee Elise Goldsberry and a ton of other great actors. If you like si-fi or shows with amazing world buildings, this is the show for you.

Desiree Jones: I really enjoy this show called, 100 Humans. It’s 100 people with 100 different or similar opinions on things and they are tested with questions on how people view some things or how they’ll react to certain situations. It’s really interesting to watch all of these people have different opinions. Like for example how which way toilet paper should be, over or under, possibly says something about them.  Or how if  a suspect of a murder is pretty then they’ll get more time off their sentence than an ugly person would.

Alexia Crook: I would recommend Tiger King. It is new and very interesting. It’s about a collector of giant cats of tigers and lions that he kept in a “zoo” in Oklahoma. His wife Carole was accused of killing her husband and feeding it to her cats. It seems kind of graphic but a lot of people recommend it to me before I watched it and it wasn’t bad.

Nora Jillianos: I recommend Vampire Diaries. You could easily spend hours losing yourself in the supernatural world of eight seasons of this show.

Mrs. Glenn: If you are missing teenagers I would recommend checking out All American and/or Outer Banks. All American is based off the true story of football player Spencer Paysinger and though Outer Banks is definitely more unrealistic it’s still a great show that reflects the great friendships of adolescence.

Shantell Lindsay: I’d recommend Daybreak on Netflix.   This show is about a virus that turns the adults into ‘gloomies.’ While the teenagers are struggling to survive mutant animals and gloomies, they are still trying to figure out who they are. The story changes perspectives from the protagonist, Josh Wheeler, and his friends Wesley Fist and Angelica Green. Only one season has been made so far, but it’s definitely worth the wait for more.


Keith Croy: I’d recommend Shadowhunters on Hulu.This fantasy show is based off the book  series The Mortal Instruments (read those too!). This world has something for everyone.  If you like action? There are plenty of fighting scenes. You like romance? There are plenty of complicated and immersive relationships to delve into. You want an LGBT+ relationship? There’s at least one of those too. Choose your favorite couple.


Ahjae Smith: I’d recommend Sword Art Online on Netflix. In this anime series, the main character is a beta tester for a highly anticipated game stuck in virtual reality, fantasy RPG.  He must now go on a quest to conquer all 100 levels and win for him and all the other 2000 gamers stuck there to be set free. There’s one catch: if you die in the game you die in real life.


Julianna Ortiz: I’d recommend Chicken Girls on  YouTube. This show starts out very corny but ends up very relatable. It is about kids who grow up from middle school to high school. This series is six seasons long and teaches us a lot of lessons about friendship, gossip, mental illnesses, competition, changes, divorce, relationships, and sexuality. This show is so inspiring to kids that watch it because it shows what middle school and high school are like in current real life.


Lisbeth Interiano: I would recommend the new Party of Five  on Hulu/Freeform.

This reboot of the ‘90s series is about a Hispanic family that goes through difficulties with immigration. The five children — well to be exact two kids, two teenagers,and one 24-year-old — get left by their parents who have just been deported. The 24-year-old son steps up to be a parent to his siblings and changes his lifestyle for them. The show is full of excitement, mystery, anger, and sadness. I recommend this show because it will show you the pain families go through when they are separated because of immigration.