Keonte Smith: AVID Scholar finds Success Beyond BCPS


Kenwood grad Keonte Smith at Frostburg University.

Alexia Crook, Senior

Keonté Smith is a 2019 Kenwood High graduate and AVID alumnus who now attends Frostburg State University. Smith’s AVID story is not only interesting, but, many would say, inspiring!

Smith transferred to Kenwood High in his sophomore year. He struggled through his courses and chose not to reach out for help, but he also was known as a smart kid. Smith says, “I was told by [school counselor] Tracy Kramer and [French and AVID teacher] Kristine Komorowski that I would be put out of the program if I did not meet the required grade point average by the end of my sophomore year.”

He didn’t take what they were saying seriously until he received a letter the summer before junior year stating he would be removed from AVID as he did not meet the requirements. The letter said his participation in the program took opportunities away from other Kenwood students who would have benefitted from the program.

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