Kenwood Teachers Bring Spirit to the Virtual World during COVID-19 Shutdown


Baltimore County teachers are going on week 3 in isolation with no school, no students, and no face to face contact with one another. It’s easy for our spirits to get down with all the uncertainty with not only the school year but the events of the world surrounding us. We miss our students and each other way more than we ever thought possible.

Though Kenwood High may be shutdown with all the other schools across the country their teachers are putting a whole new spin on keeping spirits up during this tough time. Each week their SGA organization ran by Ms. Forman creates a virtual spirit week and though it’d be easy to close ourselves off in our little isolated worlds at the moment, each day more and more teachers and students venture out into this new world of raising each other’s spirits in this crazy virtual reality we all find ourselves living in.

These teachers are putting a whole spin on creativity and positivity.

They’ve shared pictures working in their pajamas, their teacher pets (as in the actual four legged kind), wearing their Kenwood blue but also favorite college and sports gear, what they’re reading and what they’re writing, and videos of what they’re doing. And they’ve even created and shared their own Tik Tok videos. Their daily posts will have you laughing and smiling. These teachers are not only going to keep the BCPS “Continuity of Learning” plan going in the weeks ahead but they can also keep your spirits up during this tough unprecedented time.

Join this group of educators and you might be surprised what you learn yourself from watching this team of educators.

The are on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. Hope to see you in our virtual world!

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