Feeding the Future with Chef G’s Foods & Nutrition Program


Chef Gina Ries

Food science students learning about sugar crystals.

Nora Jillianos, Sophomore

Have you ever dreamed about being a chef? Kenwood High School has a great culinary arts program taught by the most amazing teacher, Chef G. The main purpose of this class is to learn how to cook basic foods. The first year students take a nutrition course where the learn the importance of cooking in a healthy way. The second year students take a advanced, industry level foods course.

Delicious dessert created by culinary students.

Starting in the 2020-2021 school year Chef G is starting a ProStart curriculum which means students can earn their serve safe certificate that they can take to restaurant employers. Through the ProStart Program with Chef G students have the opportunity to start industry cooking to become a professional in the industry. “It’s a program that students take for two years with an internship and can earn certifications which makes them super marketable,” shared Chef G.

Taking courses with Chef G is a Kenwood favorite. Everyone always knows when something good is cooking in the delicious aromas start drifting down the hall and around the building. Culinary students share, “I really enjoy the recipes Chef G plans for us, and it gives me inspiration for my own cooking.” Many students find the class beneficial to their future after Kenwood. “When I get out of college I want to become a professional chef. It’s all thanks to Chef G for opening my mind to the cooking field in so many ways.” Students enjoy getting to eat their “class assignments” once completed and if their friends or teachers are lucky they’ll offer them some of their great tasting class creations!

Students making homemade pasta.

We appreciate Chef G coming to Kenwood everyday and teaching us new ways we can cook healthy for ourselves and our families but also inspiring us to consider the culinary profession. She is opening many minds to the culinary world and helping future chefs become future professionals in the cooking industry.