Running with Cross Country


Coach Komorowski

Cross Country runners at the conclusion of the Regional Meet.

Julianna Ortiz, Senior

Cross Country is so much more than running. Students are faced with challenges, competition, and the feeling of losing or winning.

Coach Komorowski (K) , the Cross Country coach finds that many students find it fun to run races. Coach K shared, “This Cross Country Season has been amazing! These athletes ran in the Regional meet on Oct 31 to wrap up their season! Each put their all into this and I am so proud of them!”

It’s a very personal sport, and sometimes hard to get students to join. People who want to join must be willing to work hard for themselves as it’s not just a team sport but more an individual sport so it’s on the student athlete to want to be better.

Athletes must really challenge themselves. Haley Graham shares, “The will to get stronger inspired me to run cross country.”
Athletes have to know their stopping point of when to keep running and when their body won’t let them try to work through it.

It’s these stopping points that push athletes to try to train their body and brain to work for that extra mile. Haley Graham finds running, “an impractical great time to calmly think while you feel like you’re dying.”

Cross Country teaches student athletes perseverance for not only the sport but life.

This was each athletes first season running. Each of Cross Country runners had the following personal record (PR)  for this season:

Ronald Cromer- Senior – PR 22:20
LJ Chirombo- Junior – PR 21:08
Chris Smith – Junior- PR 21:35
Terence Greene- Freshman- PR 22:54