Kenwood Volleyball Team Ready to Take their Winning Streak into Playoffs


KHS Volleyball honoring Breast Cancer Awareness at their Homecoming game on Oct 11.

Robberta Nji, Junior

Kenwood High Schools Volleyball team so far, has dominated with a record of 13-2. They lost to Pikesville twice, but they never let that slow them down. Eleven out of thirteen student/athletes on the Kenwood High School varsity team have achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher. This shows that these scholar athletes are exceling on and off the court.

Coach Ronda and Coach Kim led their varsity team to a 14-1 record last year. In the past two years, they have only lost three games. Attending home games is very exciting. The gym gets very loud as spectators cheer on their varsity players. The intensity of the games and watching the varsity players win each rally, makes the gym become amplified.

The team works well together. When a player makes a mistake, the team picks that person up. Being on the team not only is a great experience but it’s also a great way to meet new people and create lasting memories. One of the star players, Laila Lucas, has played varsity for two years. She stated, “I started off not really knowing how to play but with every practice and every game I played, I felt myself improving and getting better.”

The great volleyball coaches of Kenwood, Coach Shelley and Coach Kim, used their coaching ability to guide Laila to her full athletic potential. Their knowledge and skills also allowed all their players to dominate on the volleyball court. Volleyball is a very challenging sport! Athletes must have a lot of endurance, the ability to move fast, not be afraid to get down on the floor, and hit the ball according to how fast it’s coming.

Varsity volleyball is heading to playoffs on Thursday, October 31, 2019. Their first opponent is Aberdeen High School. They’re hoping to end the season strong.