Encouraging Students to Become Digital Citizens and Leaders


A Glenn

Students are working towards changing digital citizens into digital leaders.

Yearbook and Newspaper Collaboration

The Newspaper and Yearbook classes had the opportunity to welcome former assistant principal Mr. Stovenour back into their classes on October 4 in his new role from the Office of Digital Safety and Innovation to talk about students’ rights and roles in our ever-changing digital world.

Though students learned as journalists the importance of how to stay within compliance of students’ rights and privacy when sharing stories online, they were also reminded of several key things all students need to remember and beware of as they continue to engage in the online digital world that now surrounds us all.

No matter how much any of us engage online we must know and understand how to be safe digital citizens. The things that we post on the internet never go away and can impact future college and career opportunities. Though we may think we have our accounts set to private we should check them periodically to make sure they are. Though we may think we’re too old to have to worry about this, none of us for our own safety or the safety of others we know and love, should NEVER make a posting that gives away where we live or where young children go to school. Stranger danger is a real threat on the internet that again doesn’t know any age limits!

It’s easy to get caught up in the drama online. But so important to remember just because you’re not face to face there is still no need to be rude or disrespectful. Many of our high school courses these days work on teaching us how to debate in civil discourse over issues many of us feel passionate about. Take those lessons out into the real digital world when making your argument online. That also includes not  posting “fake” news and making sure to give credit to sources when making our arguments online. Always be prepared to own what you say online; otherwise don’t post it. You see something alarming online, say something! Real threats are often first seen online so it’s always better to be safe than sorry so take your concerns to an adult or the police if necessary.

Some of us may proceed past being digital citizens in the online world to becoming digital leaders. Becoming digital leaders begins with mastering engaging in civil discourse in a respectful way. Being a digital leader is using digital platforms to be a voice for social change and awareness, and using our voice to influence people. As more and more people interact with the world online as a digital leader we have the power to change how people see or perceive things. As Mrs. Glenn reminded us, “Any one of us now have the opportunity to be a voice in today’s digital world. We can shape how people see things and the world with our individual voices and writing. As digital leaders you can influence people to be the good and change you want to see in the world.”

Through motivation, encouragement, and inspiration a digital leader is the change, and as your online Kenwood News source we hope to pave the way on how to not only model being a good digital citizen of today but we plan to learn how to be the new digital leaders of tomorrow.