Kenwood Child Development Program Opening Doors for Preschoolers

Alexia Crook, Senior

Kenwood’s Child Development students are welcoming back their preschool kids for a new year next Monday on October 21. The preschool is in session Monday through Thursday with drop off at 7:50 am and pick-up at 12:05 pm on A days and 10:45 am on B days. The program is free to the community and runs for nine weeks in the fall and nine weeks in the spring. Kenwood’s Child Development students plan and teach lessons around their assigned weekly themes and subjects. There are big plans for the new year to teach the preschoolers what they need to learn to be ready for kindergarten. These little kids are very adventurous, very active, and full of growth as they go through our Kenwood Preschool Program.

Mrs. Reed, the teacher of Kenwood’s Child Development Program, had wonderful things to say about the KHS students and the preschoolers. Mrs. Reed feels Kenwood’s Program offers much benefit to the young preschoolers that attend the program. “There is lots of 1 on 1 attention to help with individual children’s needs and plenty of activities designed to get them ready for kindergarten,” shared Mrs Reed.

An annual Kenwood High students and preschool tradition is to take the preschoolers trick-or-treating throughout the building on Halloween. The preschoolers also visit the library for story time with Mrs. Magnuson. Kenwood is excited to welcome the preschoolers back into the building next week.

There have been many former students that took Child Development I and II that have moved on from Kenwood to make it a career. “There have been many former students that took their 90 hour certificate and got jobs right after high school,” stated Mrs. Reed. A former student she had is now a BCPS elementary teacher at Middlesex Elementary school. The Kenwood Child Development program is a great program choice for any students interested in a career working with children as an educator or in a similar capacity.

Many former Kenwood students that are now seniors have found the Kenwood Child Development Program beneficial to their future career and life plans. Senior Kaliyah Harris said, “I found it beneficial because if you want to have a baby then so much of what we learn in Child Development helps to begin to gain parenting skills.” Senior Courtney Sexton has found it to be a great start to preparing for her career goals. “The Child Development classes are beneficial for my future. It teaches me what I need to know for running a preschool someday.”

Many students in Kenwood’s Child Development program are part of the program because they’re interested in working in education or with children or just to begin to understand children better for someday raising their own.

If you have or know a preschooler, the Kenwood program is still accepting preschool students. Reach out to Mrs. Reed at [email protected]