Start The New School Year off with Successful Habits


Myasiah Bilola, Senior

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year at Kenwood High School! We are already the first month into the year and first quarter interims are due next week! Students will receive them in homeroom on Oct 11. Hopefully by now students have mastered the challenge of transitioning from summer vacation to back to school. However, if you’re still struggling there are many ways and plenty of time for students to prepare for a successful year with good habits.

Stay up to date with grades on schoology
All students should make it a habit to track their grades at least once a week to follow up on any concerns. Students can also find teacher reminders of upcoming due dates or events posted in their courses on schoology, as well as access class materials they have missed or lost.

Take advantage of coach class opportunities
Find out from teachers what days coach classes are held, and when struggling or falling behind in class make it a priority to find the time to go as soon as possible, not at the last minute at the end of the quarter. Just plan on one afternoon a week visiting a coach class for whichever class you need the most help with that week.

Study with friends
Pick a date and invite friends to a select location to study together. Make it fun by playing memory games to quiz each other. Or have a buddy system with a friend to swap and check each other’s essays and writing assignments before turning them in for a grade.

Get a good night’s sleep and breakfast
Sleep is so vital to doing our best. A good night’s sleep keeps our focus sharper for the day ahead. A good night’s rest is needed to be rejuvenated for the next school day. When waking in the morning a healthy breakfast helps to fuel us with energy to get through the school day.

Become a better note taker and active listener
Be attentive in class by putting your phone down. Jotting down notes can be helpful with mastering an assignment or preparing for an exam later. If we’re not actively listening we’re missing an opportunity to do our best.

The year and quarter is still young with plenty of time to get into good habits for this school year. We hope everyone has their best year yet here at KHS!