Kenwood Freshmen attend GEAR Summer Transition Program


Staff Reports, Contributions from Incoming Ninth Graders

Sixty-eight incoming Kenwood ninth graders attended the first GEAR Summer Transition Program, organized by Ninth Grade Administrative Facilatator Tiffany Miller. The program was designed to embed transition strategies from middle to high school and to develop and sustain a positive climate with character education, social skill development, and relationship building.  “This was an opportunity for incoming students to build relationships by making connections with each other and staff,” shared Mrs. Miller.

Students rotated between four stations- growth mindset, enrichment, academics, and responsibility- to participate in teacher led activities to prepare them for the expectations of high school. Students also participated in team building activities to get to know their fellow classmates better. The engaged in a scavenger hunt to learn their way around the school building. To wrap up the two days students gathered in the cafeteria to complete a service project with Empower4Life with Kenwood PPW Jen Cox to put together hygiene bags for the homeless children and families of Eastern Baltimore County.

“As an attending incoming ninth grader it was a great way to meet new people and some of the teachers. Students really enjoyed meeting some of their teachers and other students as it eases some of our nervousness about the first day of high school. It was a great opportunity for ninth graders to see what high school is like before we actually start. This is a tradition that hopefully continues as experiencing the school without the upper grades there gives us a chance to get familiar with the building, teachers, and our peers without the pressure of others around,” shared ninth grader Ja’Naya Bolden.

Students attending the two days felt encouraged to “participate more so I can be a leader to my classmates,” shared Naydelyne Flores. It was a great experience for our Kenwood freshmen.  “I feel encouraged to be innovative, grow, and improve as a leader by changing outlook. If I can be more positive, and I can focus on the possible outcomes of different situations, I can grow into a successful and happy person. Having a positive mindset can help you have a better experience,” added Emily Messman.

Kenwood’s freshmen are now ready to face and tackle their next four years at Kenwood High. We can’t wait to see the great things the Class of 2023 does at Kenwood!