Seniors Celebrate Moving On with Senior Signing Day

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Seniors Celebrate Moving On with Senior Signing Day

Raven Cooper

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We’ve been preparing for this day for years, senior signing day. Parents would be there cheering us on and we couldn’t be happier. We made shirts with our college school logos on them, and we were ready to walk across the stage and represent our upcoming universities.

The morning of senior signing, I remember putting my shirt and looking myself in the mirror, thinking, “Wow! I’m really graduating. This is it. I’m done.”

Once I made it to school and saw my friends walk in with their shirts on, everyone seemed so happy and joyful, and while I was pretending to be happy like I always am I couldn’t help but think how I’m never going to see some of these people again. Everyone was now claiming the future we had all talked about in the 9th grade. As normal as everyone was trying to act, things were still scary or should I say even intimidating!

I began to reminisce about the first day of my freshmen year. I walked in with my older brother, who was a senior at the time. I remember feeling so small next to him and the upperclassmen. Everyone knew him. He smiled, laughed, and spoke to everyone we walked past as he walked me to my class. I would walk from class to class hoping I would see my brother somewhere but it seemed like he didn’t even go to the same school because I never saw him. As days turned into months and months turned into years, things became much easier, and here we are the seniors four years later.

Senior signing starts, and before we each knew it, it was our turn. We had set out to graduate and here we were. It was time for the next step… college. Parents and family walked up, giving us hugs of congratulations and encouragement. Parents have been our biggest supporters. They are the people we hate to disappoint, so to hear them say they were proud is one of the best things ever.

As June 10 approaches, we’re ready to walked across the stage. When we grab our diploma, that will also be us grabbing a hold of our future. Our next steps will be to have my family at another graduation, but next time it will be a college graduation. It will be a long journey but we are ready for our futures!

Congratulations to the following Kenwood Seniors that participated in the Senior Signing Day on their post secondary educational plans! We wish you the very best in your futures!

Adames Briana CCBC
Adames Jylene Trinity College
Aguilar Kevin CCBC
Amador Kevin CCBC
Argueta-Guevara Jacquelin CCBC
Bangert Destiny CCBC
Barbero Darren CCBC
Barbibeault Cherylann CCBC
Barthalow Heather CCBC
Bluchter Julshaun Coppin State or Norte Dame of Maryland University
Bauer Rebecca CCBC
Billings Hailee CCBC
Boyd Kevon Miami Dade College
Bradley Malika Wesley College
Brooks Dejah Susquehanna University
Brown Ariana CCBC
Brown Ayana UMES
Brown Raven LSU
Brown Taylor Hood College
Canales Pam CCBC
Carlile Logan Frostburg State University
Carver Diamond Coppin State University
Castellanos Gissell CCBC
Castro Dilia CCBC
Catron Heather CCBC
Compton James CCBC
Cooper Raven UMES
Covington Khadijah CCBC
Curtis Jonathan Wesley College
Davis Daryl Hocking College
Dawson Logan CCBC
Deaver-Diaz Lena Stevenson University
Diallo Fatoumata CCBC
Dickerson Elani Trinity Washington University

Douglass Tahlia University of Notre Dame Maryland
Dore Albert College of Mount Saint Vincent
Dore Emmanuel College of Mount Saint Vincent
Drury Amanda CCBC
Elliott Jalen West Virginia Wesleyan
English-White Khaleef CCBC
Enricoso Carl Dennis Towson University
Esparza Ramirez Saul Towson University
Fenner Daniel McDaniel College
Filipiak Lydiah Frostburg State University
Foster Darius CCBC
Giles Chania Morgan State
Gomes Elijah CCBC
Greaver Allyssa University of Charleston
Greene Tyrell Frostburg State University
Guy Day’aija CCBC
Hack Alexis Bloomfield College
Haines Haley Wellesley College
Hairston Wendell Becker College
Hawkins-Bendy Khamari CCBC
Hemmig Zackary Wesley College

Henry Miyhanna Bowie State University
Hill Briana CCBC
Hines Noria CCBC
Hoffman Jillian McDaniel College
Holmes Janaya Bennett College
Hunt Kaitlyn CCBC
James Diami Barry University
Aaron Johnson Wesley College
Johnson Jeremy CCBC
Johnson Makayla CCBC
Johnson Nasir Hocking College
Jones Mikenzie Morgan State
Jones Tyhree CCBC
Kalb Allen Wesley College
Kaur Simranjeet Stevenson University
Kikas Jonathan Apprenticeship
Kelly Erin York College
Kolb Sarah CCBC
Korman Mirza Johns Hopkins University
Lee Karisma CCBC
Lidell Cornellis CCBC
Logue Ayreonna UMES
Lopez Robin Salisbury University or Stevenson University
London Darien CCBC
Loud Donnell CCBC
Luu Y Stevenson University
Mack Jana CCBC
Martins Ugochukwu CCBC
Mason Asia Pace University
Matthews Keshawn CCBC
Maxie Branaiya Frostburg State University
McCafferty Maison CCBC
McCourt Amanda CCBC
McNair Keri CCBC
Miller Cody CCBC
Miller Duran CCBC
Mrozinski Madison CCBC
Myers Ryan CCBC
Ntukogu Onyinye CCBC
Ogorkiewicz Jan CCBC
Owoh Aladdin CCBC
Patterson Jernai CCBC
Pearce Madison CCBC
Perdue Brooke Towson University
Phillips Parrish CCBC
Pollard Emma CCBC
Portillo Katherine McDaniel College
Powers Carly CCBC
Presley Ryan CCBC
Pressley John’Nay CCBC
Pugh Kaliyah Towson University
Ragins Camira CCBC
Redding Breann Frostburg State University
Reynolds Cody CCBC
Richmond Brooke Central Pennsylvania Comm College
Riley Darius CCBC
Robertson Alaine CCBC
Robicheaux Cheyenne Bethany College
Rosales Serrano Jonathan CCBC
Rose Alyssia CCBC
Ruzicka Matthew CCBC
Ryan Nicholas CCBC
Saucedo Jorge University of Maryland Baltimore County
Shako Kontcho CCBC
Sheppard Madison CCBC
Singleton Dashia Bowie State University
Smith Jared CCBC
Smith Keon-te’ Frostburg State University
Smith Kiahra York College
Southers Darien Frostburg State University
Soyemi Ishmael CCBC
Spear Destiny CCBC
Sporrer Kiersten CCBC
Steinhauser David University of Maryland College Park
Stevenson Jada CCBC
Taylor Katelyn DeSales University
Taylor Laura CCBC
Thomas Amari CCBC
Torres Erica Notre Dame of Maryland University
Torres Harry CCBC
Vasilarakis Christos University of Maryland College Park
Villafuerte Salazar Keiry CCBC
Wagstaff Tayshaun CCBC
Ward Tyshai Morgan State, Trinity Washington University, or Notre Dame of Maryland University

Webb Jordyn Morgan State University
White Diamond CCBC
White Raiyannah Coppin State University
White Taurance LSU
Wilkinson Jaidyn CCBC
Williams Italy Morgan State
Wilson Aiyanna CCBC
Wilson Jashaun Geneva College
Wilson Samantha Virginia Wesleyan University
Winbush Nechelle CCBC
Woodard Ethan University of Maryland Baltimore County
Wright Joshua CCBC