Kenwood Cares Raises Awareness of Modern Day Slavery with Dressember Campaign

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Kenwood Cares Raises Awareness of Modern Day Slavery with Dressember Campaign

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Most people would be shocked to hear that more than 10 million people are currently enslaved worldwide! They’d think those statistics are from some time in history, but they are not. According to  the Dressember site these are the enslavement statistics of 2018. Of those 10 million 2 million children are currently part of the global commercial sex trade. These are scary statistics for modern day.

Kenwood Cares advisors Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Eichelberger are bringing light to this awful injustice by participating in Dressember. Dressember is a month long global campaign to raise awareness and funds to combat human trafficking. According to Baltimore Magazine Maryland ranks fourth in the country for Human Trafficking cases. It’s a crisis that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and Kenwood Cares is taking part in raising awareness by wearing dresses or ties for men to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Anyone can join the Dressember movement by visiting and creating a campaign to wear a dress every day to raise money and awareness of modern day enslavement. Showing up to school or work every day in a dress or tie is a great conversation starter for people to ask why in which you can then spread the word and awareness. In the past five years the Dressember Campaign has raised over $5 million to fight the injustice of human trafficking.

So far Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Eichelberger with Kenwood Cares have collected $100 in donations for the Dressember Campaign. There are still a few days left to participate in the Dressember Campaign.



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