KHS Staff Tips for a Successful School Year

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KHS Staff Tips for a Successful School Year

Angela Glenn

Angela Glenn

Angela Glenn

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The staff at Kenwood High School wants students to have their best year yet. Believe it or not, we were once adolescents ourselves, trying to navigate our way into this hectic, sometimes overwhelming, adult world. We know staying on top of school work in addition to jobs, sports and activities, family responsibilities, friends, and life in general is quite the juggling act, so we thought we’d offer some tips to help students make this their best year of school yet!

“Always remember that how you say something is sometimes more important than what you say.” -Joyce Gray

“Always be true to yourself!” -Megan Blackert

“Always read the instructions.” -Sarah Texel

“Always address your superiors and colleagues properly by not addressing faculty by their last name but by their title of Mr. or Mrs. or Coach” -Coach Ruocco

“Participate in class discussions! Don’t be afraid to try!” -Irene McNulty

“Stay on top of your homework by keeping a planner and writing something EVERYDAY in the space for each class. If no homework, write, no homework. This way you never forget!”
-Tracy T Kramer

“Focus on YOUR education and not what other students are doing.” -Althea Page

“Have confidence in yourself! Mistakes can be made… so learn from them.” -Kathleen Connelly

“If you want missing work, know what assignment(s) you’re missing, ask your teacher nicely and do it at an appropriate time, like when working independently, after class, via email, or make arrangements to attend coach class. Don’t ask for missing work when a class is getting started or your teacher is giving instructions.” -Craig Maki

“Be in class ready to work early. If you are early, you are on-time. If you are just on-time, you are late. “ -Kevin Ladd

“Create an organization system and use a planner to keep on top of your work.” – Tara Spinelli

“Check your grades often…Whatever you focus on grows. Then, celebrate your successes!”
-Aimee Bogrand


Best of luck this 2018-2019 school year, students! We believe you can go out there and do awesome things this school year.