End of the School Year Calls for Teacher Award Recognitions and Good Byes


Ms. Magnuson celebrating her retirement in her Kenwood letter jacket!

It is the end of a long school year and with the end of every school year comes award recognitions but also good byes as teachers sometimes move or decide to retire.

A school can become like a second family to a teacher and whether it’s their first or last school family, they will always hold a special place in a teacher’s heart. Two teachers that are moving on to other opportunities reflect on this departing of the end of the school year:

The Last Dance

Time has flown let it be known

Feels like I just got here

Newbie like the first year

How I have enjoyed and loved Kenwood

Like a second family

I will not forget you friends and colleagues for life

So don’t be sad or mad

Because the end is just the beginning

Of something new and exciting for all



End of Year Goodbyes

after Dr. T.-C.


Now, I’m not T.-C.,

Nor do I mean to be,

But his fresh, funky rhymes

Have inspired me.


And now it falls to me

To quite tearfully

Say goodbye to my

Kenwood family.


So, to my English peeps

And Biology,

Social Studies, Math, and


World Languages?

You do damages

To my heart that’s saying

Bye, continually.


And don’t be cross,

Or take it personally,

If your crew was left out,

My apologies,

Because I love you the same,

And the bonds that we made,

I will cherish: from today to eternity.

Dr Lobo


We will miss all of our teachers that are moving onto next chapters next Fall. Two teachers will be stepping into retirement after this year. Special education/social studies teacher Mr. Sullivan will be retiring after 32 years in education in which he spent his last three years here at Kenwood. Bluebird Library’s librarian Ms. Magnuson will be retiring. Ms. Magnuson has been with BCPS for 24 years with 8 of those years as Kenwood’s Library Media Specialist. As she ends her time in education she reminds us all, “Building relationships and being kind to everyone in your piece of the world is what will give your life meaning and is what people will remember about you.”

Besides next chapters and good byes there’s always much to celebrate at the end of the year. Throughout the year teachers and staff are often recognized for their achievements. This year our very own Ms. Ginger Cain, our Fine Arts Department Chair and art teacher, was named the BCPS Secondary Arts Teacher of the Year. She shares a great love of art with her students. “Art was the only reason I showed up to high school. It made me feel successful and my art teacher was my inspiration.” Now Ms. Cain has gone on to be that inspiration to her own students.

The Chamber of Commerce recognizes a teacher and support staff each year. This year Ms. Mary Bradley, our cafeteria manager, was the support staff of the year nominee. Kenwood’s math teacher Ms. Domsic was Kenwood’s Teacher of the Year Nominee. A student recognized Ms. Domsic during Teacher Apprecation Week as, “Ms. Domsic was always very nice and patient with me which allowed me to learn better. Seeing and knowing that she cared made me care even more.”

Kenwood’s BCPS Teacher of the Year Nominee was physics teacher, Mr. Rahman. Junior Natalia O appreciated all of Mr. Rahman’s help during this difficult year. “He always offered to help me with my work and would stay after coach class time to help me better understand Science.”

All teachers and staff worked incredibly hard this year to make the best of a tough year that will go down in the history books. We wish those moving on the best and the rest look forward to new beginnings with the restart of school next Fall.