Kenwood Creative Writing Club Releases Fall Literary Magazine “Seeing the Light”


Artwork by Tyler Melka

Writing is often something many do to process life’s highs and lows. But often when we’re young we’re either afraid to share our writing or not sure who to share it with, but Kenwood High’s Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Glenn has offered student writers a space to do that very thing.

“I feel very motivated  and inspired when it comes to writing in the Kenwood Writing Club. Creative writing has improved my perspectives on the world  and it has made me a better, well rounded writer.  It has been the best decision to be a part of this passionate club,” shares freshmen writer Kelvin Ganesh.

On Tuesday afternoons for an hour students drop in and talk writing, share writing, and take time to write together. Writing is something many are afraid to share but the Kenwood writing club has given them a space to not only build their writing skills but connect with others that understand that writer’s mentality.

“Being able to find a sense of self expression has been a benefit of this club. With writing I am able to find an outlet in which I don’t have to worry about doing things in a certain manner. The Creative Writing Club has developed my strength in writing poetry. My overall confidence in my work has improved and I tend to write more as ideas are being given to me through our shared discussions,” shared student writer and poet, Sarah O, who has several poems published in the Fall Bluebird Voice publication.

Throughout the first semester students that were part of the club and others that just kept abridge of writing opportunities through the schoology group composed a variety of writing pieces for the new semi annual Fall edition Literary Magazine, The Bluebird Voice.

Many feel like they’ve found their own voice through their engagement with the writing group. “I feel a sense of encouragement to continue my stories. These meetings motivate me to keep going even after I write a bad piece. I’ve learned to keep moving forward and don’t let a bad story or poem hold me back. But rather I should learn from it and get even better,” shares student writer Abigail Overby, who also has several pieces published in the Fall magazine.

The second magazine for the Spring semester will come out at the end of the school year so there’s plenty of time to get your own creative writing in for the next publication. Email your writing to either Mrs. Cooper ([email protected]) or Mrs. Glenn ([email protected]). Also, feel free to drop in to their after school meetings any Tuesday at 3:00 at khsjcoopercreative. You will leave inspired and ready to write!

And don’t forget to check out their first edition for this 2020-2021 school year: Bluebird Voice’s “Seeing the Light”